The Show

Tarzan Zerbini/TZ Productions

This year, TZ Productions is proud to bring together some of the most famous and talented names in the circus world today. Checkout the great stories behind a few of our featured artists.


 JOSEPH DOMINIC BAUER from Switzerland – Our RINGMASTER Extraordinaire Born to Swiss parents, Joseph Dominic Bauer comes from a 9th generation pedigree of circus performers. His accomplishments in the world of the circus and aerial thrills are astonishing. His numerous Daredevil feats over 35 years include performances on the 50’ Wheel of Destiny, High Wire, Stunts, Skywalks, Sway Poles, & the Incline Motorcycles. He has been featured on every major network in the United States, head- lined Cirque de Soleil, Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus, Circus Sarasota, Circus Gatti, Equitana USA, George Carden Circus, Piccadilly Circus, Moscow Cirque and more. And now Joseph Bauer happens to also be one of the finest and most sought after ringmasters in the circus world today.

The PIOLITA VIDELA from Argentina – our Family Circus Clown The hilarious Piolita, is a 5th generation Argentinian circus clown, and
continues to entertain families of all ages. He is one of the funniest clowns; period! Get ready to “laugh”.

GUERERO DUO HIGH WIRE This is the only act of its kind in the world. Originally from Spain, wife Aura and Werner Cardinali execute unbelievable acrobatic maneuvers, daring stunts and footwork across the High Wire while singing. They wowed the judges in Americas Got Talent in 2016. Judge Howie Mandel said, “this was the most amazing death defying thing I have ever seen”. The Over the past 30 years this incredible husband-wife duo has won every prestigious Gold Medal award throughout Europe, been featured at the Winter Olympics in Lille- hammer, headlined Television Specials, recorded albums, and travelled the world performing. Get ready to sit on the edge of your seats in amazement!


The Dominguez Dogs Act is a non-stop action packed high flying troupe of Poodles, Danes and Miniatures performing amazing stunts, acrobatics and antics. You’ll clap, laugh and be mesmerized as trainers Jorge and Alicia Dominguez showcase their incredibly talented dogs performing manoeuvres that you’ve never seen before. Jorge who is originally from Columbia, and Alicia from Peru; both go back 4 generations in the circus world and their 5 year old son, Logan, is also part of the act! The Dominguez have taken their act throughout the United States, and South America, and performed in the Ringling Circus, Circus Sarasota and with the Garden Brothers. This Dominguez Dog Act continues to “wow” crowds wherever it goes.




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