The Show

Tarzan Zerbini/TZ Productions

Celebrating over 250 years of Zerbini Circus History

The Zerbini family recently celebrated their 250th anniversary presenting and producing some of the world’s greatest circus acts. Now in their 10 generation, producer Tarzan Zerbini is proud to present his “Spectac 2016 Tour” across the United States and Canada. TZ Productions has earned a reputation for excellence. They strive to provide the best talent and the best production.


Born to Swiss parents, Joseph Dominick Bauer comes from a 9th generation pedigree of circus performers. His accomplishments in the world of the circus and aerial thrills are astonishing. His numerous Daredevil feats over 35 years include performances on the 50’ Wheel of Destiny and stunts on Highwire, Skywalks, Sway Poles, & the incline Motorcycles. He has been featured on every major network in the United States. What hasn’t he done? Not much. Oh yes, Joseph Bauer happens to also be one of the finest and most sought after Ringmasters in the circus world today.

Erika Zerbini
(Mixed Horses and Elephants)Erika is a ninth generation circus artist and animal trainer. At age 27, Ms. Zerbini is not only one of the youngest exotic animal trainers in North America; she is one of the few female elephant trainers worldwide.Following in the footsteps of her parents (Tarzan Zerbini and Lisi Bauer), Erika along with her three sisters (Patricia, Sylvia and Christine) have all made names for themselves as aerialists, thrill artists, and exotic and domestic animal trainers.

The Videla Family
(Piolita the clown, Unicycles and Choreography)Returning for their 8th consecutive year, the Argentinian based Videla family continues to be a true audience favorite.Not only is Piolita the clown back in the house, but his mini-me’s (sons Crithian and Sebastian) help to carry on the family tradition of classical humor… this year with a musical twist.Back by popular demand is the family unicycle act… one of last year’s biggest hits with a new twist.Piolita and Guillermina also assist our performance director Rick as co-choreographers for the production numberrs.

The Jioke Riders
(Bareback Riding)Horsemanship at its best. Our exciting group of young artists present a very traditional act with a modern twist.

Robert and Gabriela Zerbini
(Sword Balancing, Juggling and Single Trapeze)Have you ever seen pirates balance swords and juggle? If you see this year’s show you will! Great talent combined with fantastic wardrobe put this one over the top.The beautiful Gabriela will also be presenting her new trapeze act. The big top will be filled with beautiful aerialists accenting the talents of our queen of the air in a display that you will long remember.

Judit and Jurgen Nerger
(Exotic Cats)From Germany, the Nergers present one of the largest and most elegant tiger acts in the world today. This year the act will be bigger and better than ever… including stunning white tigers.

The Dragomir Troupe
(Teeterboard and Perch Pole)From Romaina, TZ Productions is proud to present a world-class display of gymanstic talent. This seven person troupe will simply amaze our audiences.In addition to their teeterboard display, they will also present their outstanding perch pole act.


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